What is ExecSelect?

Game-changing executive search methodology, ExecSelect is the smart way to avoid bad hires and ensure that your recruitment campaign is a success first time round. Drawing on the extensive experience of our Senior Partners, we’ve developed an enhanced and innovative executive search methodology that can be tailored to your precise needs – with leading technology providing a fast and effective communication channel.

Modern Methodology for Better Retention

Recruiting for senior positions can be challenging and complex, and assessing potential candidates on a CV alone just doesn’t cut it; there’s so much other information that needs to be requested, collated and considered. After all, while most hires are based on skills and experience, the majority of fires actually occur as a result of behavioural issues and incompatibility.

Senior stakeholders don’t have time to waste, so we don’t waste it. Just one face-to-face meeting with one of our Directors or Senior Partners, and you can get on with business while we cover all possible recruitment and assessment angles. We’ll create an intelligent campaign designed to draw out more than just the snippets that a CV offers. We test, assess and analyse behaviours, key competencies, work values and approach, and so much more.

ExecSelect means greater control over the recruitment process, providing more in-depth information that cuts right through the basics and delivers a genuinely qualified shortlist, saving you time, money and hassle... all perfectly presented via our secure, online portal.

Recruit with Confidence and Clarity

Our meticulous methodology provides a smoother, more streamlined recruitment process that quickly filters out time-wasters by requiring a higher level of candidate investment. By providing specially requested evidence through video presentations, psychometric testing and written tasks, candidates have the opportunity to prove themselves, so you can recruit with clarity and certainty.

We select candidates on more comprehensive criteria and do all the screening for you – delivering a compact and qualified shortlist of candidates who have already demonstrated their commitment to the role.

Our easy to use online platform allows all key stakeholders to access and review candidate information alongside our Senior Recruiters’ comments and analysis, which provides an effective communication channel that can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.

This smarter executive search methodology has been proven to deliver 96% employee retention rates after 12 months, and will help you to mitigate the costly risk of ‘bad hires’ – we’re so confident in our approach that we offer up to 12 months free replacement.

The power of recruiting with ExecSelect!

Learn more about how ExecSelect works, or contact us for further information on 01924 664 540.

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