Discover the True Cost of a Bad Hire

Bad hire choices can cost your business time and money along with affecting productivity, but with Cranford Executive’s thorough procedures and our leading recruitment methodology, you can minimise the risk of low retention. Combining modern technology with the extensive experience of our Directors and Partners, we deliver exceptional results every time – or we’ll give you a free replacement for up to 12 months.


The Impact on your Business

By creating a more efficient and effective process, we’re able to ensure that you don’t pay the price of a bad hire. For every recruitment campaign that goes wrong, your business can suffer in the following ways:

  • Physical Costs – you’ve already paid for the original recruitment campaign, and now you have to do it all over again
  • Time Costs – your stakeholders and key decision makers will need to invest extra time to find a replacement for your lost hire
  • Training and Development – any training you’ve offered will need to be repeated with your new appointment
  • Loss of Continuity – business can’t carry on as normal if a key executive position is vacant, or while a handover is taking place
  • Filling the Gap – when a senior executive leaves, someone else will need to take over some of their responsibilities, which can cause a HR headache
  • Unhappy Teams – reduced morale means more effort required to re-motivate your team
  • Unhappy Customers – bad hires can reflect on your brand image and reputation, resulting in reduced customer confidence

A Better Recruitment Process

The recruitment landscape is changing, and it’s our responsibility to change with it. Telephone interviews and sending out batches of CVs is no longer sufficient to provide a good service to clients. With increased engagement, and clever use of technology, best practice can be achieved by streamlining the recruitment procedure and bringing it in line with shifting requirements.

With our consultants and ExecSelect at your disposal, a bad hire isn’t an option. Our process ensures that your potential candidates are assessed on a much broader range of criteria than ever before. While skills, experience and competencies are essential factors, we also analyse applicants on behaviours too – which is the reason for over 80% of unsuccessful hires.

Remove the guess work!

By removing the guesswork, raising standards and taking the risk out of recruitment, the team at Cranford Executive will ensure that your business doesn’t pay the cost of a bad hire – call us now on 01924 664 540 to learn more about our recruitment software and methodology.

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